The development concept of the National Historical Memorial Preserve «Babyn Yar»


1. Monuments, located on the territory of the National Historical Memorial Preserve «Babyn Yar»

 1.1 - Monument to Soviet citizens and prisoners of war, soldiers and officers of the Soviet Army, executed by German Nazis in Babyn Yar;

1.2 - Commemorative plate "Menorah";

1.3 - Memorial Cross in honor of the executed members of the OUN and poetess O. Teliga;

1.4 - A monument to executed children;

Historical information


Babyn Yar - a world-known place of tragedy, which became a symbol of the Holocaust, the largest international cemetery in Ukraine. Here, during the Nazi occupation of Ukraine were shot more than 100 thousand civilian Soviet citizens, prisoners of war, underground fighters, partisans, hostages, members of the OUN, mentally ill and others.